Donkeys, Logs, Snakes, Oh My!

For the last several years in the United States and the UK, there has been a strong push to teach primary and secondary-school students how to code. Whether this is a good idea or not, I personally have enjoyed learning about programming. One of my current hopes is to do more programming using the Python … Continue reading Donkeys, Logs, Snakes, Oh My!

Two (perhaps) quick(ish) ways to multiply two digit numbers in your head

πŸƒπŸ»βŒπŸ’‘ While tutoring students who are in the process of multiplying two numbers, I sometimes challenge myself by trying to do the multiplication in my head instead of using a calculator. I don't know where I learned it, but I usually take a divide-and-conquer approach to multiplying large numbers, a large number for me being … Continue reading Two (perhaps) quick(ish) ways to multiply two digit numbers in your head

Ebook Mystery Word Problem!

πŸ’»πŸ€”πŸ“• I have recently been reading an ebook* that is quite long and has endnotes. Because my ebook reader only tells me my current positions in the actual body of the book and the endnotes, I have been wondering how much of the book I have actually read. Right now, my reader tells me I'm … Continue reading Ebook Mystery Word Problem!

To cross multiply or not cross multiply

When I was in Grade 7 our homeroom/math teacher told the class in a hushed voice, β€œDon’t cross multiply.” At the time I didn’t understand what he meant, nor did I likely understand what cross multiplication was. Ever since I have occasionally wondered why he would admonish students from using such a useful tool. Cross-multiplication … Continue reading To cross multiply or not cross multiply