Ebook Mystery Word Problem!


I have recently been reading an ebook* that is quite long and has endnotes. Because my ebook reader only tells me my current positions in the actual body of the book and the endnotes, I have been wondering how much of the book I have actually read. Right now, my reader tells me I’m on block 8577 in the book’s body and block 22884 in the endnotes section. Note that a “block” can be thought of as a segment of the book’s text, be it a group of words or characters. For example, each block could be 120 characters, including blank spaces.

To solve this mystery, I gathered the following extra information from the book’s table of contents.

Total number of blocks in book: 24506

Starting block of endnotes: 21434

Can you figure out, to the nearest percent, how much of the book I’ve read?



* To avoid any copyright complications I’ve chosen not to state the book’s title. Ditto with the make of the ebook reader.
† I have been somewhat disingenuous here with regard to the nature of this problem. My ebook reader does show the percents of each position, i.e. body position shows up as 35%; endnotes position as 92%. Moreover, to get the percentage of where the endnotes begin, I only need to navigate to that section in the book (i.e. 86%). I thought the problem would have been too easy if I just gave the percentages, however, rather than having you figure them out.

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