The Blog

As the tagline suggests, Mathwoods is a blog composed of lessons, puzzles and reflections relating to high-school level math. I created the blog as a way to express the curiosity and joy I experience doing mathematics. One of my greatest pleasures is to feel, if I’m lucky, that “aha moment” after obsessively thinking about a problem and coming up with a solution, or, failing that, then at least deepening my understanding of the problem itself.  I like these aha moments. A lot.

Mathwoods is intended for anyone who has an amateur interest in mathematics and appreciates explanations expressed in a clear, jargon-free way. Whether you are a student struggling with a particular topic or an enthusiast looking for an escape from your day-job, I hope Mathwoods can help!

The Author

My name is Alex and I’m a math teacher whose been happily tutoring mathematics to high-school students at an education centre for over six years. My hobbies include (not surprisingly) writing and programming. If you live in the Montreal area and are interested in getting some private tutoring, check out a description of my services here.