Play Bad Banana online at!

For curious readers who want to try Bad Banana, but who, understandably, would prefer not to have to download the code and run it on their systems, the game can now be safely played online at Toggle to Code View to see how the game works! Many thanks to the people behind, a great … Continue reading Play Bad Banana online at!

Bad Banana – A Python Math Game

It's been awhile since my last entry, but here is my latest creation, so to speak. Bad Banana is a text-based math game written in Python 3. My original intention was to use the game as a way to teach basic programming concepts, but I've put that idea on hold--I feel it right that I … Continue reading Bad Banana – A Python Math Game

Search Quest VII: The Search for Search (A Python Story) Wanting a programming problem to work on but reluctant to tackle a big project, I returned to an old college textbook to look for something challenging but within my pay-grade, so to speak: Implement sequential search and binary search algorithms on your computer. Run timings for each algorithm on arrays of size n = … Continue reading Search Quest VII: The Search for Search (A Python Story)

Donkeys, Logs, Snakes, Oh My!

For the last several years in the United States and the UK, there has been a strong push to teach primary and secondary-school students how to code. Whether this is a good idea or not, I personally have enjoyed learning about programming. One of my current hopes is to do more programming using the Python … Continue reading Donkeys, Logs, Snakes, Oh My!